Thursday, December 27, 2007

Gratitude to the Boob Goddess

I have huge amounts of gratitude over the fact that I am breastfeeding my little Carys. Like huge amounts of gratitude.

I was in such a fog after the birth - we had such a hard time initially with breastfeeding because of her PCCU time and nipple confusion and then my supply issues. I remember crying and then making the decision to take it day by day. Of course we got the midwife and a lactation consultant involved. Even after the initial meeting with the LC I was so foggy and overwhelmed and sleep deprived and tearful that I was this close to giving up.

I am so glad we stuck it out.

* * * * *

And in the realm of gratitude, it hit me a few weeks ago - I am happy to be done with ttc. But I shall save this for another post.

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