Saturday, January 22, 2011

10 Months, 2 Challenges, Any Strategies?

Our littlest one is 10 months old and I predict she will be walking by her first birthday! She is determined. She pulls up. She lets go and balances for a few seconds at a time. And she watches with envy in her eyes as her 3 year old sister runs/ dances/ skips around the room.

The big challenge right now... well, there are two challenges: toys and over zealousness on big sister's part.

Toys. Big sister can share at play group. But at home she will snatch and hoarde toys if necessary. Littlest one screeches when a toy is snatched. Yes, big sister has a few "sacred" toys that no one can touch, but the rest of the toys are fair game.

Over zealousness. Big sister wants to hug/squeeze/touch/be with the littlest one and she does it so roughly. She lunges for the littlest one, or she hugs her until she falls over, or she squeezes her tight until she screeches. Her intent is good. No matter what we say about gentle touch, etc. she is just not picking up what we are laying down most days.

So yeah... this is where we are.

That. And cabin fevered in the middle of the snow belt. Cold weather advisory these past few days. We are stuck in.