Sunday, August 29, 2010

Off the Charts

At E's 4 month appointment the doctor noticed that her head is measuring off the charts. It has been big from the start. She was sent to a spcialist who ordered an ultrasound on her head to check for fluid. Specialist says she looks amazing and isn't worried, but thinks we ought to take advantage of her soft spot, which makes an ultrasound possible. In my gut, I am not worried... I come from a long line of big headed folk. And the donor reports he has a large head. The spcialist measured my head and I am in the 90th percentile, apparently.

Oh yeah and head ultrasound is scheduled for October.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


C is less than a month from her 3rd birthday. She moved to a big girl bed last month (yes, we took our time with this transition - considering major new sibling transition she experienced in March). She totally stays in her bed. She seems to like her bed. But... she is now going through a monsters phase. As in, there are monsters in my closet or under my bed or outside my room. She even came up with a strategy for dealing with monsters; apparently if she blows raspberries at them then they go away. She is also sleeping with a small camping flashlight. I am actually finding some of this worrying - I feel for her and it is hard to see her not feel safe in her own space. This is normal (her monster phase), right?

File it under: Her Amazing Imagination.