Thursday, December 31, 2009

GD/ Notes/ My Momma/ Happy 2010

Up at 7am to drink the nasty glucose drink for my GD test. Now I am exhausted. C will be "napping" soon and so will I.

Notes from Tuesday's appointment with the midwife:
-Measuring 32.5 weeks; have been measuring big from the start - might be because this is pregnancy #2, could be the fibroid
-Heart rate 135
-Blood pressure 120/60
-Baby is most likely head down
-pinched nerve feeling might go away with prenatal massage (um who has time for that?!), a tennis ball, getting into a pool and floating around, a warm bath, getting off my feet/ putting my feet up, time
-I now have the paperwork to pre-register at the hospital
-I now have a few leads on some good doulas

In other news, my mom is sick. She has cancer and a compromised immune system, went in for chemo yesterday and they pretty much sent her home. Her platelets have dropped - her system is fighting something. And her blood pressure is through the roof. She is also in intense pain. We can't go see her on NYD like planned. She has to stay in bed and she can't be around people. I am worried about her. And so sad that she is going through all of this.

Partner A is cheffing in the new year - so C and I are on our own.

Happy 2010 to you all!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

27 Weeks Today

I see the midwife this afternoon for a regular check up.

I have a pinched nerve feeling in my lower back and it is actually making it hard for me to move around. Interested in some safe ways to relieve this pain. Will talk to the midwife today about it.

GD test on the 31st.

Stitched up some flannel baby wipes last night. 15 total.

That's all for now.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

To Doula or Not to Doula

What are the benefits of a doula? Why hire a doula?

Sunday, December 20, 2009

100 Days to Go


I am feeling pretty good these days. Apart from the anxiety I feel over the prospect of giving birth again.

Because I am off work for the next 2 weeks I have a boost of energy to get some stuff done around the house. So I feel like I am nesting.

Also have a headache - have had it since yesterday. Can't tell if it is a tension headache or I am getting sick. My nose has been runny and I am slightly congested - but this is normal for me at this stage of the pregnancy. So we shall see.

Happy Sunday everyone!