Friday, July 31, 2009

Today is CD 26.

Day 14 pee test said yes.
I am shocked. Stunned. Speechless.
Today the clinic will call with actual beta results.
More later.
Update: Day 25 Beta is 13,859. High? Low? Just right?

Monday, July 13, 2009

My Whereabouts.

We leave tomorrow for England. We will be back on the 29th. My 2ww ends this Sunday. I will test in England. I do have a beta scheduled with the clinic for the 30th (if I need one). I most likely won't be around a computer too often when I am in England- so you may not hear anything regarding my 2ww until after we are back.

Just the other day I was zen.

Partner A is on a double today. I am frazzled and packing and doing last minute stuff for our trip to England.

My secret shame of the day: it is only 8dpo and I poas. Negative, of course. Way too early. But why did I poas fully knowing 8dpo is too early? (This tells you how anxious and impatient I am). And just the other day I was so zen.

Little C can officially climb out of her crib... and has and fell and what a horrible sound that was. She's okay... and was giggling just moments later. I, on the other hand, not giggling. My heart was in my throat.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Let me tell you about last night.

Let me tell you about last night. Last night we had friends over. 2 friends. We had birthday cake for one of the friends which was more like a mango mousse with a angel food cake base. Yum. We also had a rosemary orange chicken wings - home made as Partner A is a chef in real life. We had a balsamic reduction drizzled over fresh tomatoes and avocados, along with a white bean salad and quinoa. The food was amazing.

The conversation was amazing too. Little C was happily in bed by 8pm. Then the 4 of us sat and talked about life and the universe and religion and spirituality and childhood stuff and work and so on and so on. It was the kind of conversation I crave. The kind of conversation that happens best after a fresh meal and birthday cake and some drinks (though no one had alcohol).

We went to bed at midnight. Little C was up at 4am completely wet through her diaper. She has mad language skills so instead of screaming and crying she just called out to me and told me she was wet. "Mama wet! Diaper, mama, wet! Jammies, mama, wet! Bed, mama, wet!" She was hard to settle after that though because all that changing kind of woke her up more. She ended up sleeping 'til 9am(!) this morning. So all is well in the world.

We are packing today for our trip to England.

Now, with regard to my 2ww, um, I am feeling less than positive. I have been pretty calm and almost positive but now not so much. I don't really want to write much more about what I am feeling. It is enough to say, not so positive. And I hate this part of the 2ww - when the doubt creeps in... and the progesterone tabs build up and mess with my mind. Blah. So, if you have some supportive words it would mean a lot to hear (read) them today.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Local and Fresh.


Eating well on my 2ww.

These are the real deal. Small and red in the middle. Not those genetically modified ginormous white in the middle ones. No way. We are talking fresh and local.

Little C can eat her weight in these.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Green Crafty Mama on a 2WW

So yesterday I avoided the computer almost completely. When C was napping I got out my sewing machine and stitched for a bit. Here is the artsy sewing machine shot.


I made washing cloths. Two layers of flannel - one layer is pretty flowery stuff and the other is green "diaper flannel." Diaper flannel feels a bit more heavy and soft.

wash cloths

When I was pregnant with C I stitched a bunch of cloths like the ones above and we used them as burp and bath cloths. We continue to use them as kind of an all-purpose cloth. They are super absorbant and easy to wash and soften over time.

When C saw them she said, "Pritty flowtahs."

Monday, July 6, 2009

2WW Day 1 Morning

Sleep 'til 8am (no bloodwork, yay!)

Insert progesterone tabs

Remember how lovely progesterone tabs are

Obsess a bit about the timing and the fact that EWCM disappeared before IUI

Consult with Dr. G00gle

Decide I need a plan (distraction)

Decide I need a 2ww ticker

Decide that a 2ww tiker will only help me obsess more

Enjoy breakfast with Little C

Sunday, July 5, 2009

To be continued.

12.6 million eager swimmers.
1 beautiful egg.
2 weeks to wait.

More Later.

Good morning it is IUI day.

Saturday, July 4, 2009


I am trying not to obsess, but, it feels like a lot of time has passed since the clinic called me yesterday afternoon to say, "trigger tonight and IUI on Sunday." I feel like it is too late. I have forgotten the timing of it all. I am worried that I have ovulated already or surged before the trigger or ?? They are the clinic they should know, right? So probably the timing is right on, right?


10 days into my 2ww we will be on holiday in England.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Healthy Egg + Eager Spermies = Sticky Bean

The 1.7 is now almost a 2.0. My E2 is 690. My LH is 9. I've done my last injection of meno.pur a few hours ago. In a few minutes I will trigger. Saturday is a "day off" as the nursed called it. IUI is scheduled for Sunday a.m. Light a candle Sunday a.m. for our family and think healthy egg + eager spermies = sticky bean. Thanks.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Still Going

It is now a 1.7 and my E2 is 490(!) and my LH is still 4. Bloodwork and ultrasound tomorrow. Needle tracks on my arms from several days of bloodwork. Needle tracks around my belly from how mant days of injecting.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


The 1.5 is a 1.6. E2 is 357. LH is still 4. Lining is 1.0. Bloodwork and ultrasound again tomorrow.