Monday, June 21, 2010

She Likes Being Little

C told me today that she doesn't want to go on the big potty because she is still little and likes being little.

End of story.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Just Getting it Out There Feels like Step 1

I am having some serious body image issues. I seem to remember this from the first time. I hate this part of the post partum stage. I am hungry - very hungry - most likely from nursing. I crave sugar. I don't have time to make incredibly nutritious stuff - beyond what I make for C, which isn't bad, but for whatever reason doesn't hit the spot. And once I get C in bed and I am on my own with E, I eat. I eat in a way that borders on emotional eating and zoning out type eating. I eat like a very tired person. Then I feel frumpy and slow and even more tired. I get down on myself. This is actually worse than when I had C.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Alternate Use for a Car Seat

Another thing that has changed since baby#2's arrival: bed time. It used to be a fairly smooth routine. Now it is lengthy and silly. Time wasting and excuses. I just breathe and go with the flow. Most nights I am on my own doing the bed time routine. E sits in her car seat, in C's room, while I chase C, change her, dress her, brush her teeth, read stories, etc. Mostly this works.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Random Recapping of the Last 12 or so Weeks

We are still here. I post daily over in my LiveJournal - friends locked. Even if it is just a few sentences.

Life with 2 babies seems to be going okay. It has it ups and downs. It is an adjustment. Much like life with one baby was.

Very sleep deprived. Baby E got 7 hours straight of sleep, once. Usually she goes 4 hours.

Nursing is going well. Thankfully. Because it isn't easy. I'd forgotten what newborn nursing is like! And when people tell you it's natural the implication is that it is easy. It isn't easy at first. It isn't hard either, once things get going.

C is adjusting. Mostly it has been good fun watching her become a big sister. The adjusting has been hard. On those hard days she has been known to smack E on the head, pull on her feet/hands, scream when she is sleeping, etc. We stretch to find the balance, giving C extra time and attention. Definitely include her in the day to day. It is getting easier.

E smiles and coos and enjoys tummy time (C hated tummy time at this age). E sucks her thumb (C had a paci).

E is also a colicky baby. No official diagnosis. She just has periods of crying that require a lot of energy on our parts to calm her, and sometimes she can't be calmed. This too shall pass. It seems to be getting better. Almost like 2 days on 3 days off. Although I sometimes think her days overstimulate her - what with a 2 1/2 year old running around (screaming when she finally falls asleep). I am noticing a bit of a pattern.

C is talking up a storm. She is also becoming this helpful little person. Helping with laundry folding and diaper changes, etc.

We also found a weekly playgroup for C to go to. Within walking of our house. Monday mornings. She is making friends and it is fun to watch. This playgroup ends in a week for the summer and starts back up in September.

C has no interest in potty learning. We aren't pushing anything. Though we have a little potty sitting in the bathroom. We also bought underpants lined with hemp velour. We are not sure whether to just start the whole process or let her go for it when she is ready. I mean we have told her what the potty is for, what the pants are for, etc. so she knows. She just doesn't care.

C is also excited about Nanny and Grandad's visit (from England) starting next Wednesday for 3 weeks. She saw them last summer. She talks to them on the phone. She is happy they are coming. We are happy too.

My mom came out to help in the early post-partum days. We made some good memories. I loved having her here. She is good people.

Sometimes I am in survival mode. Like when I am on my own (as I am most evenings when partner A goes to work). Survival mode sometimes mean more TV than I'd like, or spontaneous trips to the park (Quick! she is asleep and her belly is full! let's go!), dinner later than (and sometimes earlier than) normal, laundry piling up and dishes undone, C left to make a mess at the table while I (10 steps away) sit nursing E, picking my battles with C and not sweating the small stuff, etc. Sometimes I feel momma-guilt about the survival mode and most of the time I just tell myself that it is what it is - and everyone is safe and loved.

11pm last night, I was starving. I walk around the kitchen. I look over at the dinner table and see my dinner plate. Untouched. E was crying at dinner. C ate while I bounced E. And I never went back for dinner. Hahaha! This gives you an idea.

Now, if you read this far - thanks. If you still check in with this blog, say "Hi." Let me know you are out there. Cheers.