Sunday, June 13, 2010

Just Getting it Out There Feels like Step 1

I am having some serious body image issues. I seem to remember this from the first time. I hate this part of the post partum stage. I am hungry - very hungry - most likely from nursing. I crave sugar. I don't have time to make incredibly nutritious stuff - beyond what I make for C, which isn't bad, but for whatever reason doesn't hit the spot. And once I get C in bed and I am on my own with E, I eat. I eat in a way that borders on emotional eating and zoning out type eating. I eat like a very tired person. Then I feel frumpy and slow and even more tired. I get down on myself. This is actually worse than when I had C.


Lo said...

Yes. That.

Jude said...

Oh god, I ate so much CRAP when Punk was new and wee, just sat on the couch at night with her and snacked and watched TV.

I am scared of doing that again, but I was just so tired, so physically and mentally exhausted, that all I could manage was to grab something in one hand and shove it into my mouth. I am even more scared of having a winter baby.

You will get through this. Have Super A make a bunch of one-handed food options for you!