Friday, June 29, 2007

Things Feel Different

I sat in the park today. I love that the weather has cooled off. I felt a freeness in watching kids on skateboards and cars going by. I enjoyed the north breeze on my arms.

Yesterday was my last day of work. I teach. It really hasn't hit me that I won't be back there until early June 2008. It won't hit me until either I give birth or the first day of school arrives - whichever comes first. Because in my world thus far work ends when June ends.

In years past however I'd spend today with fellow teachers drinking beers on Barney's patio. Or I'd do something to celebrate completing one more year of teaching - like getting my nose pierced. I'd stay up late. And then sleep in. None of that happened this year. Things feel different.

I found a shady bench and sat.

There is no time like the present...

Here I am. 30 weeks pregnant. A nice even number - a round and curvy number. 30 weeks.

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