Tuesday, December 29, 2009

27 Weeks Today

I see the midwife this afternoon for a regular check up.

I have a pinched nerve feeling in my lower back and it is actually making it hard for me to move around. Interested in some safe ways to relieve this pain. Will talk to the midwife today about it.

GD test on the 31st.

Stitched up some flannel baby wipes last night. 15 total.

That's all for now.


Lo said...

I had that pinched nerve feeling a few weeks ago but then it seemed to go away. Weird.

And I have my GD test tomorrow. Gulp.

sandra said...

I don't know if this is like LJ where you can read my reply to your comment, but... good luck tomorrow on your GD test. Good to hear that the pinched nerve feeling has gone away for you. Also I am interested in your comment about doulas - I am actually in the process of making some phone calls and interviewing some potential doulas.