Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Sleep Issue

Snowed in.

I've been wanting to take Carys up to the midwives to have her weighed. It doesn't look like I'll be able to do that this week. We are a one car family right now. I won't have access to the car until the evenings - unless I want to get up early and take partner A into work. This would mean waking C up. The last time we did that (so I could go to a doctor's appointment) C was messed up all day and super cranky in the evening. She needs her morning sleep.

Speaking of sleep. Last week and the week before it really seemed like an issue. So we bought E1izabeth Pant1ey's book (The N0 Cry S1eep S0luti0n). Very good book. Still reading it. Sleep has become less of an issue - not so much because of the book, but maybe a little bit because of the book - I think we have become more realistic about our expectations around sleep.

This is (roughly) a schedule that C has fallen into with regard to sleep:
Asleep by 10pm (give or take)
Up between 3 and 4 to nurse
Up again between 7 and 8 to nurse
Again for the day no later than 11am
Nap (30 + minutes) sometime after noon
Nap (30 + minutes) sometime after 4
Nap (30 + minutes) sometime after 7
10pm bedtime

She's only been on this schedule for like a week or so. She has set it herself. I suppose the book has helped me to recognise her cues for needing sleep - which has helped. The hard part about it all - the sleep thing - is that she fights sleep. She cries before she finally falls asleep. Which makes me doubt whether she needs to sleep - even though she looks and acts so sleepy. But then my doubt goes away when she suddenly stops the tears and closes her eyes and goes to sleep. [It is hard to watch her fight the sleep - I was hoping the book would help us with that...]

Here's the thing this evening - she has gone down for her "sometime after 7" nap and she is still asleep - it's 8:20. We went in to check on her and she is out. I am worried that she is asleep for the night. Which would mean that her wake up for the day time might be 4am!? I am wondering whether I should wake her up so that she sleeps in the night. Or maybe she needs the sleep. I don't know. See! This is the thing about parenting - you never quite know.

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Jen said...

you are so right about just not knowing for sure - and it is maddening to me, who just wants to figure it all out already.

deven pretty much put herself on a schedule and after fighting it because we didn't think it was "right", we finally just went with it and it's been okay.

one thing i found - this was in the "fighting it" stage - is that waking her up to nurse didn't make her sleep any longer in the morning or wake up less in the night.

now, that was just my kid so who knows if that's true for anyone else. all i know is that now, when she's sleeping, we let her sleep. what did you decide to do?