Sunday, December 9, 2007

Shopping and Nursing

Breastfed in public again today. Well actually I was in the nursing room at the mall. It was this quiet little room tucked off near the washrooms outside the food court. And there was a lot going on in the food court so it was kind of noisy in our room. But C latched on and fed without a fuss - it was great. Because her feedings at home during that time can be a challenge as she is still latching on and pulling off, latching on, pulling off. But not in the nursing room.

We went x-mas shopping. Partner A took off to get a few things; C and I went in the other direction to get a few things. I found the mall hot and stuffy. I was proud of the way I was able to move quickly and push that stroller around. In the weeks following my c-section I was moving so slowly and felt so uncomfortable that I never thought I'd be able to get up and go again.

C has the 3 month fussies lately. Not sure what that is about.


Jen said...

my theory was the 3-month-fussies are about growing and not sleeping as well but maybe that was just baby deven and not anything universal.

(so few things are universal in the parenting world and i find that excessively frustrating.)

woot for nursing rooms and their use by us shy BFers! :) i recently tried out an empty table in the back of a crowded room. it wasn't quite a restaurant but i wasn't behind a door or a wall so, it's progress.

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