Friday, December 28, 2007

I didn't think he'd actually get me pregnant.

In the mail today came our donor's profile and photos.

We chose our donor without seeing what he looks like. I mean by the time we chose him we didn't actually think we'd get pregnant by him.

I'm sure at some point C will be curious about how we selected her donor.

We chose him because he has brown hair and blue eyes (partner A's colouring) and his blood type was O- (I am O-). Oh and he is Open ID. Meaning when she is 18 she can look him up and get in contact with him.

The Open ID part was pretty important.

He was like our 5th donor. Most of the donors we chose were recalled and/or retired and/or used by us with no success. We put so.much.thought in choosing our donors in the beginning and by the end I was like: brown hair, blue eyes, O-, Open ID - check, check, check, and check... okay, good... we'll take it.

The sperm bank sent us his profile and photos when we sent in the information reporting the pregnancy and birth.

At first I was surprised at how young he looks. He is 12 years younger than me. He looks like he could be a student of mine. (I teach high school).

I kept looking at his photo trying to see which traits C inherited. I mean, I've been pretty amazed at just how much she looks like me. I've been studying her face and then his photos. We have two - one of him as a child and one of him now. I can see she has his dimples. [I don't have dimples, but partner A does...]

I look at him and I like him. Probably because he helped me make C.

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