Saturday, May 31, 2008

Where did the time go?

I had a moment of sadness today thinking about going back to work on Monday.

I have so enjoyed my time with C. It has not been easy. It has been crash course culture shock at times. I have been doing a lot of figuring out as I go. But this has been my life since September. C and I together everyday. My constant companion.

I console myself with the fact that I will be off in July and August.

I guess I think about all the time and I wonder where it went. It's been a flurry of learning mamahood around here. All that time is gone. I look at C and she is so big now. Not that teeny tiny 6lb 15oz little bitty baby that we brought home. Where did that time go? I'm sad. I am mourning something here.

My constant companion. Partner A went back to work when C was 2 months old. She tells me that it will be hard and you will think about her a lot during the day. But it gets easier.

I plan to pump milk for her. I am letting her lead the way with weaning. I hope I pump enough.


Jen said...

hey there, i'll be thinking about you this week and hoping you get through it. A is right - it does get easier and i think that pumping really makes the day go faster. it's a good way to break up the day and it gives you time to reflect or read or cry if you need to. plus, it's a good hormone boost. :) *hugs*

owl said...

It does get easier. It gets easier the more you leave them and it gets easier the older they get-cos it won't be long before she will be able to tell you about her day (time goes so so so fast and all of a sudden she is telling you off for not putting your tissues in the rubbish bin!).

I hope you cope OK, the best thing about leaving them? is the absolute high you get picking them up at the end of the day-pure bliss!

sorry for my lack of commenting-i blame bloglines..your blog is almost last (alphabetically) and by the time i get to it it I am being dragged away from the laptop by an impatient 2.5 yr old who has had enough of me 'reading on the puter'!