Sunday, May 4, 2008

Celebration, Connection, Communication

The three of us went to a gathering yesterday put on by our midwifery in honour of Int'l Midwives Day. We found out that our midwife is moving on and opening her own practice several hours away. I wanted her to be our midwife for baby #2 (should there be a baby #2). But now I am thinking it'll be nice to have a new midwife. The new one won't come with the baggage that was C's complicated birth. There is something fresh about that.

At this gathering we met up with an old acquaintance - really not a friend - who is a single queer mama pregnant with baby #2 and due 5(!) days ago. She looked lovely and ready. She's going to be our link to other queer mamas in our city. I've been wanting a little community.

Also, sleep in our house has been sucky - and we've had to step up our communication skills as partners. We are doing better today, but the last few days... oy. Lack of sleep can be hard on relationships - and that is all I am saying for now on this issue.


Lo said...

I second that thought, about lack of sleep and relationships. Whew... wishing you some better sleep.

sandra said...

thank you thank you