Saturday, May 10, 2008

A Bunch of Queers and their Kids got Together

We had a super big playdate today. Met up with several queer mama families today. The oldest kid was 5 and the youngest was 4 days! In the backyard of one family's home. Under many shady trees. C played with a 10 month old girl. They don't play at that age. They share space. I nursed C several times. Many of them live within walking from our house. I am building community people.

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Jen said...

omg - i'm so so jealous! we have several queer families around us but our interactions have been hit & miss. it seems like we're a different brand of queermama. i can't put my finger on it exaclty but that's okay - it just makes it harder. good for you - so happy for your shady giant playdate. :)