Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A lovely day was had by all.

I am definitely making the most of my last week of home time with C.

Today partner A, C, and I went to I.kea. 2 hour car ride. C was so good. She is so cute. She really is at a fun age. We wandered the store. I wore her in the wrap. We nursed in the "baby care" room. Very comfy room. We had I.kea food - the two of us did, not C. C had an organic teething biscuit and momma's milk. We spent money. New chair and a few odds and ends.

Tomorrow the developmental resources worker comes to visit us and see that C is still meeting milestones (more birth follow-up) and then I have therapy. Followed by the evening with C while A is at work. I'm thinking we will go for a walk in the park. Because the weather lately has been amazing - like a real and true spring.

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