Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Pump it Up

I am not getting enough when I pump and it is starting to freak me out.

I have pumped before at various points when I had an appointment or whatever - and I've always pumped more than enough in one sitting. But now sometimes less than an ounce. Pumping in the evening and in the morning... and coming home in the middle of my day to nurse C.

I work about 6 1/2 hours total - and I am home in the middle of that for a bit.

I am shocked at how little I am getting. Wondering if the pump is broken - doesn't feel broken, feels the same as the times I pumped a lot. Wondering if there is some reason my supply has taken a dip. C is definitely eating less during the day. Not nursing too much more when I get home. Not waking up extra in the night. [She will be 9 months next week].

She, in fact, is handling everything very well. Happy in the day. A is giving her more in the way of solids - but not that much more.

It is too soon for weaning. But maybe that is happening.

Tips/tricks to get more from pumping? Did this happen to any of you? Those of you who pump, or have pumped, how much did you get in one pumping session? Should I start taking fenugreek/blessed thistle?

I am off again in July/ August and I really want a solid nursing relationship then.


Jen said...

things that helped with low supply:
- lots of water
- getting up to pump once more after deven was in bed.
- pumping after nursing every time, even if you're not getting anything but a splash. the way i read it was that it sends a message to your body that more milk is needed right now.
- i didn't use it myself but there's a tea that you can drink...i want to say it's called mother's milk? my friend used it with success.

i also noticed a dip in my supply right before i got my period back too. it happened the second month too so, maybe that's it?

you don't say but are you using an electric pump or manual? i guess it doesn't matter since you've used it successfully in the past but fyi, i couldn't get out an ounce with a manual pump. i crank my electric pump up to 6 now so maybe i'm an extra-aggressive pumper? i don't know.

these days, i get 2-3 oz both times i pump during the day and 1-2 oz when i pump at night after deven goes to bed.

oh, and i've also heard that babies are way way more efficient at getting milk out than pumps are. maybe your let-down just needs to adjust to pumping?

email me if you want to talk about any of this further...

B said...

Maybe helpful... otherwise ignore.

We rented a hospital grade pump from our HMO. It was amazing, and sped up the process immensely. I can't remember exactly how much it was, but I can tell you it was worth it.

Good luck! It will all work out.

Lo said...

Fenugreek can help. Oatmeal can, too.

Jen said...

probably you're already all over the internet and are familiar with kellymom but just in case...


Jen said...

i swear this is my last comment but i was looking through my bookmarks and found this page too...