Sunday, June 29, 2008

One Year - Photo - Delurk

So my blog is a year old today.

My very first post looked like this:

I am asking that you all de-lurk.

I am curious about my readers and I am deciding whether I want to keep this blog going or not.

So um yeah... delurk? Please?


bleu said...

I never lurk.

Queers United said...

happy pride!

J said...

Have a happy blog-o-versary!

Jude said...

You know I'm lurking. xoxoxoxo

Jen said...

not technically a lurker but i hope you stick around. :)

B said...

I've only commented once and checked in a good number of times, so it's time to delurk.

My blog is PWP, but I'm more than happy to share the password. I'm the non-bio mom to a great four-year old girl. I hope to carry our second little one soon.

I hope you keep blogging.