Tuesday, July 1, 2008

My Head is Already Swimming

We had the ttc baby#2 talk last night. I want to start trying sooner rather than later. We'd been thinking August 2009 when we return from our little July trip to England. Part of the reason why we were waiting 'til mid 2009 is to give 2 years between pregnancies so that I can try for a vbac. But what if it takes another 3 years like it did to conceive C? I'll be 36 in November. A will be 40 in January. What if we tried before England? I am going to stop posting now. My head is already swimming. More to come, I'm sure.


bleu said...

I am probably not one to ask about this. I had Bliss at 25 and an unwanted c/s. I wanted at least 3 years between and had had no problems getting pregnant with him. I began ttc#2 3 years ago and am still trying so I would likely always say try sooner rather than later. It is a hard one.

Much love and luck.

owl said...

i agree with bleu. We concieved piggy after two very simple cycles with just clomid. started ttc just before her first bithday (we wanted a small gap) it took 8 cycles (3 were IVF-from one harvest). there was absolutely no reason why i should have had more trouble second time round but it was 13 months between the first insem and the BFP.

i probably could not have started any earlier (breast feeding body readiness, age of piggy) but taking so long to get preggers was so devasting and unplanned and the pressure of the 'ideal gap' between kids and how it wouldchange piggy getting a sibling at different ages.

i think you would be less likely to regret starting earlier than leaving it later..but obviously these are never easy decisions to make because making babies for us is such a complicated process.

good luck!

Jen said...

once again, i'm right there with you. :)

our original plan was to start trying for #2 when D turned one (6/26) but then i reconsidered. i haven't weaned yet and it would be nice to have my body back completely before getting pg again...

then again, i'm 34 now and will be 35 by the time we start trying again. my doc said the difference between 34 and 35 isn't huge so i feel okay about waiting until next summer.

then again, what happens if it takes a longer time...? it's hard for us and we don't have a big trip planned. i'll be thinking about you...keep us posted.

Bree said...

I see you've already come to your conclusion... just writing to concur.

My trying process (more hiatus than actual ttc) has stretched out so long that our kids will be at least five years apart. If I could do it again, I would have started trying when Kiddo was still tiny.

Good luck, and England will work out, somehow, some way, right?