Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Her first fever

Last night. 101. Taken in her armpit. Nursed all night. Clingy. We are all very tired here. She's much better. Had no idea, though, what to do.


bleu said...

You did the mama instinct perfectly. Sorry she is not feeling good though, but nothing like nursing through a fever.

Jen said...

i know, it's so scary, right? last spring, deven and i both got the flu and she had a fever that topped out at 103.1! as soon as it hit 103, i called the ped since that was their "don't call us before" guideline. they basically told me to keep her hydrated (and thankfully she was nursing like a champ) and giving her tylenol every 4 hours but that was it. i asked about febrile seizures (because i'm a worst-case-scenario kind of girl) and he said that those are brought on by high fever AND dehydration, which made me feel better. he also told me that little ones' fevers can go way higher than grown-ups' without worrying too much. still, scary and so sad because they're miserable and you can't do much. :( are you thinking it's teething? that might be contributing to the naptime probs too. just in case, hy*land's teething tablets worked great for us.