Friday, February 5, 2010

Transverse Lie

Baby is in a transverse lie position according to ultrasound today. Head on my right below my ribs and feet to the left near my hip bone. Because of baby's size, ultrasound tech suggested that the due date be moved to the 4th of March instead of the 30th of March. Can you do that when you know when conception took place. Many babies move in the last weeks. Now I am wondering if due to size this baby can't move. I will talk with my midwife on Monday.


bleu said...

I would fight tooth and nail to make them keep accurate due dates. When you know they absolutely should not alter and only do to have ammunition to get you sectioned later. Also, Bliss was 10lbs 1oz and 42 weeks, no signs of post dates and he turned from down to breech and back down in the 2 days prior to birth, no problem. Babies turn on their own up until delivery.

Good luck!!

Jude said...

Do not let them change your date because of size. A 26 day difference is HUGE... more than 3 weeks. Then they could theoretically be inducing what they think is a 40w baby that is really a 36w baby. Scary!

I have hopes that baby will do everything it needs to do. Perhaps there is a reason why that baby won't turn. All we can do is let the baby guide the way. xo

sandra said...

I agree with you both Bleu and Jude. Thanks for the comments. :)