Sunday, February 28, 2010

Comfort Measures

My ticker says 30 more days!

We went to see the doula again yesterday. This time to learn about 'comfort measures,' all the things that may help me feel more comfortable in labour. I really feel like I learned something. I left with a birth ball and a special aromatherapy mix to start using in early labour.

I go from being calm about the whole prospect of labour to nervousness. I remember the first time and I can't get my head around the notion that it can and probably will be different.

Anyway, I like the doula. She seems like she knows a lot and she just has a calming way about her.

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Carrie said...

4 weeks to go!! i am so jealous. wanna swap? lol

Best of luck to you with the last 4 weeks. Im so glad you like your new doula!