Monday, February 8, 2010

33 Weeks

Saw the midwife today.

She won't move the due date. We know when conception took place. Size isn't a reason to move the due date.

Today baby is not transverse. Head is up top, feet down low.

I am measuring 39 weeks.

Gained no weight since last appointment.

A wee bit dehydrated. But water turns my stomach. Must find something else to drink.

I go back on the 22nd of February. I meet midwife #2.


CCB said...

I drank a lot of sparkling water during pregnancy, it helped. I too couldn't handle flat water. At the end I could drink it a bit when it was ALL ice and super cold.

sandra said...

Maybe I can tolerate sparkling water. I should try it.

bleu said...

I love water, it is honestly my favorite drink in the world. While pregnant with Bliss I could not get enough. I needed good tasting water but loved it all the way through.

With Soul water very quickly became intolerable and it horrified me.I was sooo thirsty but it was so disgusting to me. I found using lemons, limes and sparkling/mineral water got me through. Sometimes I needed plain water very cold with lemon and it would work for a few days or a day. Other times sparkling with lime, or sparkling without. Sometimes hot water with lemon worked. I would drink whatever worked until it stopped then switch around until something else was ok.

Good luck it sucks to be put off. Great news is I am back to my love affair with water!!!