Sunday, February 21, 2010

Flakey Doula vs. New Doula

We have a new doula. The original doula had an impossible schedule and wouldn't call when she said she would. I met her through our midwifery. She basically couldn't make it to the birth if it took place the weekend after my due date. But I got the impression she didn't know how to just say no to us. Even after she said she couldn't make it, and was having a hard time finding a back-up doula who could, she said, "I'll call you [insert whatever day/time here] and we will meet anyway and start going over your birth plan." Okay, fine. But she never called.

Then one Saturday afternoon, I received an e-mail from this local shop that sells crunchy mama and baby stuff about their grand opening for their new location. I went. They have doulas on staff. Doulas were there at the grand opening. I started talking with one. Found out that my due date, 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after, were open for her. Found out that she was okay with 2 mama families. Made a date for A and I to meet with her the next Saturday (which was yesterday).

And now we have a doula. I could do a whole post on our first meeting, and I will.

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