Thursday, February 11, 2010

Here is the scoop.

The midwife called today with the results from the ultrasound last week. Yes, baby is big. In fact, 3 weeks ahead. Baby's head is like 5 or so weeks ahead. She is sending me to a hospital ultrasound - apparently more accurate, etc.

Just so you know, I am at that point in the pregnancy where I want to see/meet the baby so that I know everything is okay, you know? So to get this piece of news is just nerve wracking.

Midwife said, "We tend to be more concerned when the baby is measuring smaller - head especially." I asked if this could indicate a bigger issue. She said, "If it did indicate a bigger issue we probably would have seen other markers up to this point on previous ultrasounds." Her belief is that baby simply has a big head. She also felt less concerned because baby is measuring big overall... would be more concerned if body was measuring behind, but it isn't.

I talked to my mama. She said not to worry. She pointed out that she gave birth to 3 big headed babies. It's true. I have a big head. She said, "That's just how we are..."

In other news, baby has been moving a lot lately... and I believe is no longer transverse (head to one side, feet to the other). Now I believe the head is below my ribs and feet are standing on my bladder. So, breech. I do feel good though that baby is still moving - there is still room.

Midwife recently delievered a breech baby at home and would do it again... she has found an OB who will do a version as well - some won't do them on women with previous c-sections.

Tomorrow we are taking C to the pool. It'll be nice to get in the water for a bit.

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