Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Saw the Midwife Today

Okay so baby is most likely not head down and possibly in a breech position. i have an ultrasound scheduled for the 5th to confirm. I am only 31 weeks and a day. It is possible - in fact, highly probable - that the baby will turn.

Also midwife wanted to talk birth plan today - and we did, a bit. But honestly I had a hardcore birth plan with C and none of it happened. So I am reluctant to plan.

I have a doula - 2 doulas actually. Only one will attend the birth but they work like a back up team - if one is not available the day of the birth then the other one comes. Both meet with us leading up to the birth. Doula #1 is very experienced and has worked with couples who had a difficult birth prior. Doula #2 is experienced as well and is in women's studies at the University and has a queer sister who gave birth 2 weeks ago.

Okay so back to the breech thing: of course my mind has already gone to the land of possible c-sections. I'd like to avoid another c-section. And up to this point I was considered a good VBAC candidate (and I suppose I still am).

The other thing that is stressing me out: I was g00gling and found out that some breech babies have neurological problems, hip dysplasia, down syndrome, etc.

Other notes from today's appointment:
  • My BP is good
  • Baby's heart rate = 146 bpm
  • I've lost track of how much weight I've gained
  • And I think that is all

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