Sunday, October 12, 2008


She has 6 teeth. She was up in the night 3 times. This morning she points to her teeth and says, "yeeeooooowww." Teething? I'm thinking so. Poor biscuit. She has also become quite fussy with food. In fact, ate so little yesterday that I was worried. She is eating very little again today. This is a teething side effect, I'm sure. We actually went out and got her some organic formula today to have for her nap bottle (which is usually goat milk) and she didn't like it, at all.

We did manage to take her to the park today before lunch. We let her crawl all over this thing they have at the park. I want to call it a jungle gym, but it isn't. It's this huge thing with platforms and slides and places for her to crawl. She loved it. Got her knees all dirty. She's funny - doesn't mind dirty knees, but if her hands get dirty she holds them up to me until I wipe them.

Anyway, A is upstairs right now attempting to get her to go down for her nap. The formula bottle has been traded for goat milk. So, we shall see.

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bleu said...

Aww poor lil thing.

Bliss did that with the hands thing too for quite a while. So funny.