Friday, October 10, 2008

Milestones, sleep regression, missin' her mama

Last night was way better in the sleep department. It's funny though how I blame myself when sleep isn't going well. What am I missing, what am I doing wrong, etc. And I take credit when it goes well. But really it has very little to do with me. I mean, everything is set up for her to have a good night's sleep. The rest is up to her. And whatever she is going through developmentally.

Bleu talked about milestones and how they affect sleep. Jen suggested we were at the 13 months sleep regression. And Jude said she misses her mama. Everyone is right. C is on the verge of walking. I read up on the sleep regression stuff (even borrowed the Wonder Weeks book from the library which is all about this sort of stuff) and I believe it applies to C. And, yes, she misses her mama - this is where she is developmentally. Plus, we are nursing less. Incidentally last week she dropped her morning nursing session, this week she added an afternoon nursing session.

So this is where we are. Sleep went well last night. Every night is different. My expectations are adjusted. All is well.

* * * * *

She can point to her nose when you ask her, "where's your nose?"


bleu said...

Awww about the nose.

YES I was sure you would say she was about to walk. Right before walking, and talking especially I would see such huge changes in Bliss.

I think what you say though is mist important, that you adjusted how you were looking at things.

That is what helped me most,knowing things ALWAYS change, and then just knowing ohhhhh yes things happen at developmental stages. By the time Bliss was about to talk I had grown accustomed to it enough that it was almost a hint he was on the verge.

Much love.

sandra said...

aw thanks bleu.

Jen said...

yay! and this line: "My expectations are adjusted." will probably get you through more than any comment. :)

as frustrating as those times can be (and yes! deven walked right after this sleep-badness too!) it's sort of exhilarating when we "figure it out" or just adjust to what's going on. it always makes me feel like i'm actively mothering, you know? good stuff.

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