Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Holy Sleep Woes

For the past several days it has been taking C longer and longer to fall asleep. Rather, she falls asleep easily - I rock her - and when I go to put her down she wakes up and clings. We have gone from a 15 minutes get her to sleep in her crib session to 45 minutes plus. Last night it took 3 hours! I'm confused. I feel like I am missing something.


bleu said...

Bliss would get very needy and clingy more than normal before all new milestones. Sleep patterns would change, so much would change.

Jen said...

OOH - i might have the answer! the 13-month sleep regression hit our girl (and the house as a result) HARD!


i kept feeling like all of our beautiful sleeping practice was somehow flushed down the crapper when i wasn't looking but no, it passed on its own and we were back to sleeping the night through without any random crying wake-ups. check it out - moxie is so helpful! :)

Jude said...

She misses you, mama.