Thursday, October 2, 2008

Ice in the Drizzle!?

October started yesterday. In the evening C and I went to the bank and the grocery store and I swear the drizzle that was falling had ice in it. Last year summer lasted long. We were taking C for walks (she wasn't even a month old!) and wearing shorts and flip-flops in October. What a gift the weather was for me - new mama with some serious PPD starting up.

Am I the only one dreading winter weather and not being able to get out?

I don't know if it is dread or fear. I know that once the snow starts we are stuck in. Our house is small. It is amazing what getting out of the house does for C and her sleep.

Anyway, um... day 3 of her sleeping through her morning nursing session. I am not ready to wean yet. Just saying.

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