Saturday, March 15, 2008

Use Your Words

Towards the end of our walk in the park yesterday (when it was 5C) C started to cry. When we got back to the car she was inconsolable. I took her out of the stroller and bounced around with her and talked to her and tried to calm her. When she was calm I started to put her in the car seat and she began crying all over again. I've only seen her like this a few times. So I took her out of the car seat and held her. I didn't want to leave her in the car seat crying. I didn't want to have her crying in the back seat while I drove home. I ended up trying to nurse her with us sitting in the back seat - but she didn't want boob. Eventually she calmed down long enough for us to get home. Once home, I fed her, changed her, rocked her, and she napped for 2 hours.

But oh my it is so hard to hear my baby cry and not be able to fix it right away.


Jen said...

oh my word - i just had a VERY similar situation when my mom and i took deven to a nature trail just yesterday. all i can say is that i'm glad it looped around by our car at the one-mile mark because the baby was SO done. i ended up talking her down from full-blown crying and getting her into the seat with just pitiful snuffles - and when we got home, she slept forever! it's always nice to see them wake up refreshed and smiley but even more so when you know they were so miserable going down. :)

bleu said...

I think one of the greatest shocks to me when I became a mama was that my child's cries caused me physical pain. It was something I had never even heard of and it floored me, I would be so worried about him and trying to soothe him all the while in excruciating pain.

Much love to you both.