Saturday, March 1, 2008

But Today is Not the Day

Reading others' February 29 posts has made me realise that there is so much more I could write. So much more that I need to write. I don't know where to begin. I don't have the energy. I am afraid to open the door to all those feelings. Others' posts have me aware. And inspired.

I know now that ttc and pregnancy and birth are all about loss. Things that are essentially all about creating new life are also about loss.

I know now that there are so many people out there who can say it so much better than me. It is amazing what happens when someone (or in the case of February 29, many someones) put words to so many things that I have thought, have felt, still think, still feel.


sara said...

I just wanted to thank you for your comment. It led me to your blog and I am so thrilled to read about the baby in your life after the loss of Micah. It makes me feel hopeful-- for me and for all of us.

sandra said...

I feel a lot of hope for everyone.

I'm glad you found my blog. :)

Jen said...

you totally summed up why i'm still scribbling in a notebook beside my bed rather than blogging. i know i want to put it all out there - somehow that will make it real - but, right now, it's just too too close to the surface.

afraid to open that door, indeed.

i know i've said it before but, thanks for writing. it makes a difference to me.