Tuesday, February 12, 2008

In my eyes you are okay.

My mom is my biggest supporter. I've said to my partner that it really makes a difference in life when you know your mom thinks you are okay. Having a daughter of my own has made me very aware that no one in the world will love me like my mom loves me.

I found out yesterday that my mom may have cancer.

Tomorrow we will know a lot more.

Needless to say I am scared.


bleu said...

So sorry hun. I am sending much love and light. I am a cancer survivor and so is my aunt. I hope this is not the case but if so it can be gotten through.

owl and pcat said...

so sorry, what horrible news. I hope it is not true. whatever happens I am hoping for the best possible outcome for your mum.

Lo said...

I am hoping that things turn out all right. Like bleu said: my mom is a cancer survivor. I was terrified when she was going through it, and I don't like that she had it, but I am praying for you that if your mom isn't cancer-free, that her experience is like my mom's.

sandra said...

thank you everyone for your supportive comments.