Sunday, February 10, 2008

Easiest Sunday

It has been a very relaxing Sunday. The iPod has been on all day. Up with C this a.m. while partner A slept in (she worked late last night). Then a friend stopped by with home-made soup and cookies. When she left we did little tasks around the house - little house-keepy type stuff that we've been meaning to do. Taking turns with little C. At one point we broke into spontaneous dance - which made C laugh and laugh. Dinner was yummy. Much laundry is done. *sighs*

Our home is warm today with love and good vibes.


Jen said...

those sundays are the BEST. i love when i can feel that things are clicking along easily and everyone's happy...and a baby laughing on top? well, that's just perfect. :)

sandra said...

I couldn't agree more.