Monday, February 25, 2008

Back to Earth

I realised how far away I was becoming when I was day dreaming about baby #2 and what life will be like then. I brought myself back to earth when I became aware that life then will not be like I imagine it now. And honestly thinking about baby #2 is not what I should be doing now. We are both doing it - thinking about baby #2 - and I wonder why that is. Is it the sperm storage bill? Is it that baby #1 is almost 6 months and life is feeling normal again? Or did we just love the ttc days so much that we are eager to go back there?! Ha! I don't know - whatever - I plan to just focus on the here and now. In this moment, anyway.


Jen said...

i find myself doing the same thing. i know it's partially about my age and the fact that we said we'd start trying when D turned 1...but that's not until june so, i don't know what it is. maybe it's all the pregnant friends i have right now - i'm missing that whirlwind or something. either way, right there with you and trying to be more present every day.

sandra said...