Monday, March 15, 2010

All about today and a VBAC that might not be.

C saw the cardiologist today. Doctor thought she heard a heart murmur and her 2 year check-uo and referred her. Cardiologist heard/saw nothing but a healthy heart. She had an ultrasound (which was cool) and then declared, "I have a baby in my belly wike you mama."

Then I saw the midwife who palpated my uterus and declared her hunch that the baby is once again breech.

Finally the ultrasound ordered by the OB to check size of baby. Baby is big. Baby is breech, actually transverse, once again. I am 38-ish weeks... the VBAC idea is not looking to good at this point.

But... if I do elect to have a c-section it will be so very different from the c-section I had to have, emergency style, with C. So I wrap my head around it all at the moment and feel pretty calm.

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The Deranged Housewife said...

Try a bag of frozen vegetables. There is a good chance that baby will hate it and move. :D I tried this with my last one, who decided to flip transverse at the last minute. Although my son decided to flip the wrong way, I will say that. : / However, I've decided that only the boys are troublemakers. :P My daughter asked for directions before she was born and was a successful VBAC.

Good luck!