Saturday, April 19, 2008

Little Things

I've been a bit MIA lately. Maybe it is the weather or the fact that my little one is becoming more and more mobile making it harder and harder for me to post. I thought it would be nice to tell you all some of the cute/clever little things baby C is doing these days.

When she wants to be picked up she holds her arms up. The other day we walked to the local deli/bakery - she was in her stroller. I am balancing cheese and bread and whatnot and she raises her arms to me. So, what do you do? I put the bread and cheese and whatnot in her stroller like it's a shopping cart and I pick her up. Luckily the tiny deli/bakery place was not packed (it often is) and I was able to maneuver through. I had her happily back in her stroller by the time we got to the register to pay.

We have this hanging stuffed bug toy over her changing table to distract her when we change her diaper. We call it "spider bug" and when we're done I will often wave to the spider bug and say "bye bye spider bug" as we transition from diaper changing to the next task. Yesterday baby C waved bye bye to the spider bug.

We have 3 cats. One in particular is quite fond of C. The feeling is mutual. He's an old handsome guy called Eddie. Often when he enters the room I will ask C, "where's Eddie?" And she will look around and stop looking when she sees him. Then she will let out a soft squeal to get his attention. She also saves her "dadadada" sounds for when Eddie is around. I'm think her first word is going to be some variant of Eddie.

She tried organic brown rice cereal for the first time this week. In fact, it has been a bit of a mid-morning meal for her all week. When the spoon comes close to her mouth she takes it from me and puts it in her mouth, sucks the cereal off the spoon, then hands it back to me.

She is also starting to experience a bit of separation anxiety. She will cry when I leave the room. This pretty much started yesterday. Before that she'd often look up from her toys to check if I am still there, see me, and go back to playing. Now she looks for me often. And if I get up to leave she cries. I am kind of glad it is starting now and not the day I go back to work (like 6 weeks from now). But I don't know how to handle it. Do I come back right away? Do I go on with what I was doing?


owl said...

she sounds delightful! it is amazing when they start to interact by doing things that you do. and the way they can not do something one day then do it the next.


sandra said...

i know - we are getting into some fun times with her... :)

Jen said...

what all the books say on this one has worked with limited success in our house but...i'll share it anyway. talking to deven from the other room does kill the panic in her voice BUT it doesn't necc stop the crying. it just goes from fear to annoyance that i'm not right there anymore.

so great that she's grabbing that spoon! deven will try and take the food off the spoon but has no interest in using the spoon. could be because we've been mostly giving her finger-sized food instead of spoonfed stuff...we'll see how it goes.