Friday, January 4, 2008

Weight Check

C went to see the midwife today. Not an appointment we just wanted to use their scales. I don't own a scale myself so I like to use theirs to see if I am losing. And of course I like weighing C to see if she is gaining. And she is. 12lbs 5 oz with clothes on.

Then T, our midwife, came out of an office and chatted with us a bit. I heart T. I really do. She was a major part of one of the biggest most important things I've ever done - pregnancy and birth. She was there when C was born (when I wasn't able to be - and nor was partner A). So T is important. More than she knows. I am actually a bit shy when I get around her. I've made her all big in my mind.

We also purchased car #2! C slept in the cuddly wrap while we were in the dealership - then we nursed in the washroom (it was actually comfy) - then she smiled at all the car dealership people. Now she is home. Tired, yet wide awake... I am nursing her now.

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