Tuesday, January 8, 2008


C turned 4 months today. Today she rolled over - several times - then figured out how to get her arms out in front of her - then pushed up her upper body - several times.

Today she put her toes into her mouth - is that a milestone?

She was also chewing on toys, pacifier, fingers, etc. Teething, perhaps?

She is grabbing at toys now too. Not always efficiently. But grabbing nonetheless.

Most of this happened overnight. Literally.

Incidentally, we are meeting with Developmental Resources people at some point, soon. They are going to assess whether C is meeting milestones. There was some concern about oxygen to her brain due to the meconium in her lungs at birth. Doctors did do an MRI when she was a few days old and said she was "normal," but Developmental Resources scheduled a follow-up anyway. Makes sense. So we shall see.

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