Thursday, January 3, 2008

My Little Grrl is Growing Up

C has grown out of the swaddle. For the last few weeks she has been able to wiggle her way out of her wrap. The other morning I went in and the wrap was covering her face. Somehow she wiggled herself into that position. Not good. So no more swaddle at night. She has slept well. So we can safely say she's grown out of it. (We are still swaddling for naps because she is a light sleeper during the day).

Another thing she has grown out of is this cute little face she used to make. She would purse her lips. I think she was pooping when she did this. But it was so cute. I never caught it on film. Though there is a photo of me making the same face when I was her age. Anyway, she's not makin' the face anymore.

Here is something else that is different. She is almost 4 months old and in the last few days her schedule (not that she was ever on one to begin with) has totally changed. (I suppose "pattern" is a better word than "schedule"). She is sleeping less and eating less (or maybe just getting more food in at a time). Ch ch ch changes.

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