Tuesday, October 9, 2007

From an e-mail sent to a friend, re: PPD

From an e-mail sent to a friend today:

We here are crazy busy. I am contemplating going on anti-depressants - I went to a post-partum depression clinic last week and I scored high on a post-partum depression scale. I cry a lot - still and I feel overwhelmed. I have a few options - like I could continue to go to the clinic which has a therapy group for new moms, I could have a few sessions (I think 6) with a therapist, I could go on anti-depressants... I could also wait for Linda to come back from Africa and see her... um, but last night I cried so much that I started thinking anti-d's might be the way to go.

I attached a picture of Carys from today - she found her thumb for a brief moment and looked adorable sucking it while her baba held her.

Gives an idea of where I am. Very mixed. Sad, depressed, overwhelmed - and yet very much in love with my baby girl. It is a hard place to be.

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