Tuesday, July 3, 2007

31 Week Appointment with the Midwife

Met with the midwife today. 31 weeks.
  • I measured 32 weeks.
  • BP, good.
  • Urine, good.
  • Weight, 27 pounds gained so far.
  • My iron is back up.
  • Like the big 20 week ultrasound, the 29 1/2 week ultrasound did not show the fibroids.
  • Everything looks good with the baby - except bladder was enlarged, but for now not a huge concern.
  • We talked more about a home water birth.
  • Also found out that the midwife will give us the paperwork to start the birth certificate sometime before the birth.

She palpated my uterus and discovered that the baby's head is down. And it's back is to my front. Excellent position. Then she let A have a feel and explained what she was feeling for.

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