Friday, June 26, 2009

One more thing.

One more thing. When I got pregnant with C in 2006 my CD13 E2 was 732 and they only saw one follicle. I am obsessing right now. Just in case anyone cares. I know my E2 is low. I should just call the clinic and cancel the cycle myself.

Updated: The time I got pregnant and early miscarried in 2006, my E2 at CD 12 was 742.

I went back through my LJ and found these numbers... and then I read about my early miscarriage - that was sad and sucky.

TTC is hard.

I am feeling kind of lonely/ sad/ bummed/ confused tonight. It is hard sometimes when A is at work and I am on my own (and obsessing) with my old LJ and g00gle and whatnot.

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