Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Visions of TTC Dance in my Head

So we will be TTC baby #2 in 2009. Not sure which month the fun will begin. I am hoping to make an appointment to see the RE in the early part of the year and then go from there.

We have 2 vials of the stuff that made baby C. It would be nice to use the same donor. He fits a lot of what we want in a donor.

2 vials. It took 5 insems to make C, 8 tries total. Do we buy more vials? For awhile there we couldn't buy more vials. He wasn't donating. So the whole do we buy more or not question wasn't relevant. But today I was browsing the bank's site and learned that he is donating again. Hmmmm. So do we buy more or not?

When we started talking about ttc#2 we said we will try our two tries and then we will let it go - we will be done. We know the hell that is ttc. We are starting to forget.

ETA: Nevermind. He is no longer Canadian Compliant.


Jude said...

Oh my gosh, that is so exciting! Now I want to TTC #2 too so we can keep being twinsies!!!

sandra said...

twinsies would be fun!