Thursday, November 20, 2008

Nonna B

Not a very good blogger lately. I am knee deep in life with a full time job and a walking baby. Only she isn't really a baby anymore. She's a toddlin' for sure.

Monday we had insulation put in the walls of our almost 80 year old house - apparently there was no insulation in the walls, ever. No wonder we freeze every winter. It is nice and warm now. But there were pink bits of insulation everywhere so I had to take C somewhere while I vacuumed. She want to Nonna B's house (B is A's boss). Nonna B is O's grandma (or Nonna), and O is C's BFF. He is 16 months to her 14 months. They are both new walkers and when they are together they look like a couple of drunks. The two laugh at each other and play. It is sweet to see. C gave O kisses when she left and he giggled. This was C's first time with someone other than her Mama and Baba. When I came back to get her, she was happy to see me, but she didn't want to leave. So she hugged me and kissed me and then turned around and took off after O. I'm glad she did okay - it was hardest on me - I'm thinking though that we will be able to do a dinner and a movie one evening (a date!?) while Nonna B looks after C.

Yesterday I took the day off work because I had only 2 1/2 broken up hours of sleep. C is teething again and feverish and would just not let go. Luckily I could take a sick day - some days are better than others for that. Of course she woke up with so much energy - while A and I were zombies. It did feel luxurious though to have coffee and chit chat at the mall in the middle of the week as a family.

Today is Thursday. She slept through the night. Hopped up on Motrin. I felt inside her mouth - she actually has two molars poking through on the bottom. So there you go.

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bleu said...

aww poor lil toddlin thing those molars hurt!!