Saturday, November 1, 2008

Not Yet Walking

Wow November already.

At what point should I be worried that C is not walking? She will be 14 months in a week. She crawls super fast everywhere, pulls up, cruises, can bring herself to standing without support, but has yet to take a step.


bleu said...

Oh PLEASE do not stress at all. Kids have HUGELY varied timelines and what is right for one is just that, right for them, not anyone else. Bliss walked super early, and I was told it was bad a ton because he needed crawling for later on development.
You cannot win if you listen to others because whatever your child does some twit will say is too late or too early or whatever.

I have friends who had kids walk at 18 months and all was great.

I truly truly believe it is like so much, they develop at very different schedules and it is awesome. It is actually also one reason I wanted to home school. They do not learn at the same time line either.

Anyhow take care.

Jude said...

She is doing every pre-walking thing imaginable and if she has her center of gravity down well enough to stand alone from the floor, she's got what it takes... at this point, it's a mental game.

Heck, she can teach Punk how to stand from the floor, because she doesn't do that yet (at 16 months).

Most physical therapists will say that the range for "normal" in beginning to walk is anywhere from 9-16 months. Not exactly easing to a worried mama's mind (oh, I know), but C will get there - before you're ready of course.

She's a really mellow kid and she's taking her sweet time. We walked here 2 days before she turned 15 months.