Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Half Birthday

1/2 birthday for Baby E today. I am baffled as to where the time went. I know people say time flies. But really where did the time go?

With C the first six months didn't go this fast. I think because she was the first and I was so anxious and depressed and it was winter - she was born in September. It was just her and I spent a lot of time with her sleeping on me, because I could.

I want to freeze certain moments. And when I start to see in my mind the moments that I want to freeze my heart just breaks because those moments are going going gone. She is not my teeny tiny newborn anymore.

She is so curious and she loves watching her big sister. She laughs out loud many times each day when she sees her sister. She is happy.

Today she was a big teething mess. Sleeping more than usual and fussing lots when awake. Poor biscuit. But no actual teeth yet.

Anyway, Happy 1/2 Birthday dear dear E.

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