Thursday, November 19, 2009

We Did It!

Well we all got the H1N1 vax. Wasn't sure about it for the longest time. But I teach. And many of my students have been out sick with it. A 2 month old baby died in our city because of it. So we did it. C was fine - didn't even cry. We will see how she is today. Partner A is fine. I'm fine. Definitely not a fan of this kind of stuff when I am a pregnant lady. But... baby#2 will be here in the Spring and maybe H1N1 will be still here then - I want to pass the antibodies on through my breastmilk. So there you go. We did it. Anyone else agonise over the decision?


Lo said...

Yes, agonized here. We are planning to try to get it this weekend (for me and the toddler; Co got the mist at our primary doctor). I am not 100% sure it's necessary, but I think the risk of the shot is less than the risk of the disease.

Snowbrush said...

I'm so glad you got the shot. My wife had a patient who didn't, and who died after her baby was taken from her.