Saturday, November 21, 2009

Fever, Iron, Anxiety

So the vax fever lasted less than 8 hours. We do have to go back for shot #2 for C in about 3 weeks.

I am feeling better about the whole H1N1 vax thing.

I am also feeling like I am low on iron. This happened last pregnancy and I ended up taking supplements. I see the midwife again this week. I plan to ask for a blood test to check my iron.

My appetite is still kind of crummy some days. Nothing really appeals to me. Except junk. Which wasn't how it was last pregnancy - by now in my last pregnancy I was constantly hungry and had some regular cravings. I wasn't interested in junk at all.

I have two appointments with a social worker from my work's eap programme. I am dealing with anxiety. Actually I have dealt with a lot of anxiety and my sleep has improved as has my overall outlook. I should post - sometime soon - about my anxiety and whatnot.

That's all.

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