Monday, April 27, 2009

Open For Business

I don't remember the HSG procedure hurting much when I had it done in 2004. Today it was uncomfortable and painful. Once it was done I was fine. It turns out my tubes - both tubes - are open. "Everything looks good," my RE said.

I go back on Wednesday for the SHSG.

I took the day off today. We were up early this a.m. I had to "bring someone" according to the nurse who booked the procedure. So partner A and little C came along. Our nap - yes I actually napped when C napped, so did A - was long and lovely. This is what I miss when I am working.

We also went out to lunch and a used bookstore. With C shouting, "Books! Books! Books!" at the bookstore and making bookstore people giggle. She also shouted "Bus! Bus! Bus!" everytime we passed large bus-like vehicles, could be trucks. "Oh that's a truck, honey," one of us would say. So she'd correct herself and yell, "Bustruck! Bustruck! Bustruck!"

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